Lock My Goods

Lock My Goods sells locking bags and cases to secure medication and personal valuables.  

Lock My Goods locking medication bags help protect children by preventing them from accessing dangerous drugs including opioids. Opioid abuse and addictions are on the rise across North America, with thousands of children accessing the prescription drugs of other family members.

Lock My Goods locking travel bags (or money bags) are ideal for home or travel, allowing users to hide their medication and personal belongings such as passports, jewelry, electronics and money.

Lock My Goods supports the Government of Canada's priority to protect children with the legalization of cannabis.  It provides tools for users of medical cannabis and recreational cannabis to lock up their medical marijuana products, including bud, vape pens and cannabis edibles.

Lock My Goods locks are combination locks, child safety locks and provide child resistant packaging for cannbis and prescription drugs. 

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